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admin August 20, 2022 0 Comments

With a plethora of impressive tourist attractions, Kumbakonam makes for an incredible destination that will ecstatically please the travel enthusiast in you! We’ve got super easy shopping plans for you before you leave!

The lively and energizing town of Kumbakonam offers a number of the branded shops selling items from shoes to clothing to watches to pashminas, also ranging from big showrooms to the small retail shops, sweet shops and restaurants, offering flavorsome food too. This unique shopping experience proves to be one of the best shopping experiences in Kumbakonam.

Apart from Kumbakonam’s cultural and heritage richness, the place is a perfect spot for all shopaholic persons stretched with modern markets and showrooms.

Nageswaran North Streets is just 1.5 kilometers from Offering the flavour of true east in combination with the trendy styles of the west, the showrooms in, it is truly exceptional when it comes to shopping places in Kumbakonam. Located within the Jewellery’s shopping, departmental stores, and restaurants, this place deals primarily in well-priced block printed clothing and accessories for women.

T.S.R Big Street is just 1.6 kilometers from our Hotel. The hub for electronic goods, gold and silver jewelry showrooms is frequented mostly by the locals and foreigners. Though the market feels like quite like a steal on the electronic goods, with many scrupulous sellers in the place it is also best to visit the place to purchase ritual related items.

So, there you have it! Benefits of living around the city center and getting the best of it. Remember that it all comes down to your needs and lifestyle. To know more information, give us a call.