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One notable thing you’ll enjoy when staying in SET Residency around the city center is the easy access to all available transport networks. From railway station and bus station to shoppings, it can easily be reached even by foot. Additionally, guests can easily access other parts of the city from this point, helping them get to other places much faster with less commuting hassle and cuts transportation costs tremendously. From a plethora of renowned restaurants to theaters and shopping malls, a city centered residency offers dwellers an exciting lifestyle at their doorsteps.

Stay at a City-Centred Residency to Experience the Best-Class Lifestyle, where all the Action Takes Place, and Guests are Welcomed with the Refreshing Aroma.

Guests can always enjoy their stay at SET Residency with all essential modern facilities that will likely abound around the heart of the city. Apart from wedding ceremonies and other related events, you can also book for various other festivities and get the most out of it, also ideal for business meetings, family celebrations and sparkling soirées. During their stay, guests can make use of the shopping centres, showrooms available nearby.